September 26, 2022

New cooperation: The Fanart Maps will return!

About 4 years ago NoirSims and I released the first fanart maps for The Sims 4. Within a short time the download numbers skyrocketed and they became known and loved by many Sims players. As time went on, we created more and more maps for each world and expanded the modification. In the last time it was very quiet and there were no new releases. That’s because we both had to take care of our private affairs and hardly managed to find time for it.

I am happy to be back with positive news after a long time. The fanart maps are coming back! Over the past few weeks, a great collaboration has formed between the talented artist Angel Adrián Treviño and myself, which now allows for new map mods to be created for the worlds in The Sims 4. We will be creating fanart maps for the remaining worlds in the near future, where no version of ours exists yet. It’s important to us that we give you the quality you’re used to and exceed our standards with more detail than ever before, with such a talented partner as Angel, this is definitely possible! New maps are already planned!

And of course, we’ve also thought of our loyal fans. All existing fanart maps drawn by NoirSims will be available again for free download on the website from October 1st.

We would like to celebrate this great news with a fanart map remaster of the two popular worlds Newcrest and Magnolia Promenade. Both maps have been reworked by Angel with more detail and created in a higher resolution. They can now be tested by our supporters on Patreon until we released them for free to everyone. Feel free to share feedback! We can’t wait to show you more soon!

We would like to thank all of our loyal supporters and fans who have been with this project for so long and look forward to the great times ahead!

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Shayan studiert Medieninformatik in Mittweida und interessiert sich für die verschiedensten Lebenssimulationsspiele wie die Sims, Animal Crossing und Paralives.